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Ride Profile: Bryan Darnell 2004 GMC Sierra 1500

2004 GMC Sierra 1500 - Bryan Darnell


"The DD"

2004 Gmc Sierra 1500 1
Owner:   Bryan Darnell
Year: 2004
Make: GMC
Model: Sierra 1500
Est.Horsepower: 600
Suspension: Stock for now
Paint/Body: Cobalt blue/matalic
Interior/Electronics: Clarion deck, alpine components, clarion 6x9's , sound Que 12's, Memphis and mtx amps.
Engine: Built/Boosted 5.3
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About my Sierra 1500

04 sierra ext 4x4, 5.3. 76mm turbo. Kbracing hot side, TR 220/220 cam 114lsa... Custom heads P&P and milled .018... Ported matched Intake manifold... Custom E-fans... Cir-D 2b multi disk, ... 4l80E swap ... Tru-cool 40k trans cooler...walbro 400...80lb injectors

Bought this truck about 5 years ago with the plan of just having a nice truck that was reliable and dependable. 5 years later its just little funner to drive. I first started off with the basics intake and exhaust. while at my buddies parents shop i saw some wicked rides come and go and  i was instantly hooked. I remember working over time like crazy to get more mods, i ended up getting shorty headers , superchips programmer and a leveling kit with new rims and tires along with some hids by the end of that year. I was totally content with this set up " or so i though" untill i joined up on and wow what i though was a decently fast truck ended up being the low end of the norm there. after meeting some cool dudes and learning alot i ditched the shorties and got me some longtube headers as well and a custom tune from nelsons performance. man the truck really work up and sounded even better. a year or so went by and i always though about doing more but never had the funds until one day i found a used cam and springs for a price i couldn't turn down so i did the swap with help from a buddie and couldn't of been happier. truck ran great and then they talked me into getting a torque converter. I was stoked to get it in. the day finally came and we everything swapped over and she really flew then. i was stoked with the results until a week or so later we found out i had a cracked head.. i remember feeling sick all week because i spent my mod money already and this was my only ride at the time and i didnt have $1600 to throw into a set of heads. luckly a friend of a friend down in phoenix said he would tak to his buddie and see what he can do. in the meantime i started selling a few toys because i knew it wasnt going to be cheap. a few days later travis called back and said it was a go and in less that a week i had a set of custom heads in my garage ready to go in.  we got the heads on and while we were at it we built some custom elc fans and hooked them up as well. i ran this set up for about 6 months and truck ran great no worries until we took a hunting trip the fall and i ended up smoking the sprag in the converter and figured since it was down might as well upgraded, and thats just what i did. i ended up getting a refund and threw it back into a 2b multi disk form circle-d converters as well and buying a used 4l80e with just over 100k on the clock. took off another weekend and with the help of a few buddies and a floor jack we got it swapped out. Ones i got usto the longggg 1st gear i was content with how she ran and felt it was a solid set up and was happy with the swap, but then debated the idea of getting gears, until one day a buddie of mine told me i should just bite the bullet and join the dark side. now ive always loved turbo cars trucks, ect... but never though id actually own one. i kinda tippy toed around the idea but came to the conclusion that there was no way i could come up with 6-7 grand for a kit. it wasn't until that summer my phone started blowing up and that i needed to call this dude about this kit. i was skeptical and knew it wasn't going to be cheap. little did i know that the guy was basically giving the set up away and it only had 5,000 miles on it. i ended up getting the kit from the guy about a month later for $1500 came with all the piping upgraded log, inner cooler, BOV and wastegate, all i needed was fuel and a turbo. i was stoked. i did some research and ended up getting a gt45 trubo with a 1.15 ar from cxracing and picking up a set of siemens 80lb injectors along with a walbro 400 pump and hit wire kit. over the coarse of about a year the truck was torn apart and torn apart i was running into any kind of issues you could think of from fuel leaks, to electrical, i was ready to call it quits. Living in a smaller town no one around here had anything like it and no one wanted to touch it so everything i did was trial and error and from the internet. we finally got the truck buttoned up but were having issues tuning it, i ended up taking it down to extreme performance in Phoenix az and let them work there magic. It was a hell of a day. we showed up a 8am and gave them the run down after numerous dyno pulls and issues. we never though it was going to run. we popped the fuel hose off the pump had to pull the bed off and fix that, blew a charge pipe coupling, and fried the wastegate i was about ready to throw in the towel. Luckily my brother inlaw was there and he decided at about 7pm that we should go grab some food and hit the gym and see were there at when we get back. we returned about 10pm and everyone came up to ous and said we got it! i didn't ask how or what but by dammed if they didnt. the truck ended up putting down right at 600 hp and 656 tq on 13lbs. and man its a blast to drive... btw anyone selling any traction for a decent price?  Cool

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