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Ride Profile: Austin Galit 2001 Ford F-250

2001 Ford F-250 - Austin Galit


About my F-250

My name is Austin I am 19 and live in South Florida and I have a 2001 F250 V10 Ext Cab Long bed. The truck was given to me by my dad who bought it brand new in 2001, he used it as his daily driver/work truck. I have transformed it into something totally different in just over a little over a year. In June 2012 I started off with a basic 4" Pro Comp lift kit and 35" Toyo MT's with 16" Pro Comp 1069 wheels. Then in January 2013 I added a 2" leveling kit to the front and a bigger block out back. Then during June 2013 I added a 3" body lift and at this time I was still running 35" Toyo's. In July 2013 I picked up 38x15.5x20 Nitto Mud Grapplers and wrapped them on some 20x14 Fuel Hostages in black. To help push these 38's I swapped out the stock gears for Yukon 5.13's front and rear and also added an SCT Tuner.

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