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Ride Profile: kevindraztik 2012 Ford F-150 Pickup

2012 Ford F-150 Pickup - kevindraztik


"Big Lippin'"

2012 Ford F 150 Pickup 1
Owner:   kevindraztik
Year: 2012
Make: Ford
Model: F-150 Pickup
Est.Horsepower: 375
Suspension: 6 inch Rough Country Suspension Lift
Paint/Body: custom pinstripes on hood and tailgate
Interior/Electronics: 2 10' Kicker CVT, Lanzar capacitor, Hifonics amp, Kicker equalizer
Wheels/Tires: 20x14 fuel hostages / 35" Federal Couragia MTs
Engine: 5.0 tuned by 5star
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About my F-150 Pickup

my truck, Big Lippin' is a dark blue pearl metallic 2012 f150 crewcab XLT Texas Edition 4x4 sitting on 20x14 Fuel Hostage wheels wrapped on 35" Federal Couragia mud tires. Consists of a 6" Rough Country suspension lift. Spindles, springs, leaf springs, upper and lower control arms have been painted. Upfront has a 30" LED bar sitting on a N-Fab front bumper mount. On the hood it has a custom pinstripe free-hand painted and on the tailgate aswell. The headlights have been custom painted aswell, black bezel with a blue trim and the turn signal and reflector were smoked. Out back, raptor taillights took place from the factory chrome lights and gave it a better look. The original yellow lights looked ugly so a set of 8k Bi-Xenon HIDs were added in the headlights and also in the fog lights.  A Deezee tailgate assist was mounted on the tailgate to help when opening it down. Inside, the dash trim that normally comes in silver were removed and painted to match the trucks exterior color and so were the vents and the airbag cover. Under the backseats are a set of 2 10" Kicker CVTs pancakes mounted on a sealed box to bump some bass. a Hifonics 2000HFI amp was installed behind the backseat aswell as a Lanzar capacitor. a Kicker equalizer was mounted upfront to boost the bass given off. Ford made the center jump seat very ugly looking, so it was removed and added a center console from the 04-08 models and gave a way better taste. Now to push all the extras, the truck came with a factory 5,0L coyote engine and they are already strong, but to helo it out, a SCT Tuner was plugged in with custom tunes from 5star Tuning and beats the hell out of the 35s with no problem.

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