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Ride Profile: fordracing12 1995 Ford Ranger

1995 Ford Ranger - fordracing12


1995 Ford Ranger 1
Owner:   fordracing12
Year: 1995
Make: Ford
Model: Ranger
Est.Horsepower: 0
Suspension: King coil overs and bypass
Paint/Body: ROZHART industries
Interior/Electronics: Black and Silver, bucket seats, race harness, roll cage
Wheels/Tires: Raceline
Engine: 4.0 V-6
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About my Ranger

My name is Jacob Rossignol and I have a 95' Ford Ranger prerunner extended cab 4.0 5 speed.  I have owned it since I was 15 and since have put a lot of time and money into making it my own.  It began with simple modifications such as Camburg 5.5" lift in the front, Fabtech leaf springs in the rear, fiberglass fenders, bedsides, and hood, tube bumpers front and rear w/ a spare tire rack, intake and exhaust.  The first modification I concentrated on was getting more travel for the front suspension.  Being a 15 year old kid with limited money, almost every part came used off Craigslist.  I purchased some F-150 6" over equal length I-beams and radius arms along with a swing steering setup.  Then it was time for shocks and I already had set in my mind that I wanted to go with King Racing and eventually I purchased some dual rate 2.5" 14" stroke coilovers.  Now that the front end was a different bolt pattern I had to get a different set of wheels and I ended up getting a smoking deal on some 15" MB wheels wrapped in brand new 33" Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs.  After months of being in the shop and the help of Jordan Fab, the front end got done and worked beautifully cycling about 18 inches of wheel travel.  However, since the front end worked so well, the stock length Bilsteins in the back were obviously limiting the trucks potential.  After saving up some more money I was able to purchase a set of 2.5" 16" stroke triple bypass shocks also manufactured by King.  Now that I had the shocks, I couldn't resist any longer and it was time to go back into the shop for the fab work and installing a bed cage.  When the truck was "done," it was more fun than I could even handle.  So much that I had a few close calls and decided it would be smart to install a roll cage.  Besides, I was getting sick of most of the rich kids at my high school that drove BMW's, Mercedes, and Porsches making fun of my truck and calling it a piece of crap even though they had no idea what the truck was even designed for.  So with trying to keep the truck as clean as possible I didn't want to lose any of the interior luxuries so the cage took some thinking and designing to make it work perfectly.  All in all it turned out great and only suffered a few burn mark injuries on the dash that aren't noticeable.  With the truck pretty much mechanically set I decided it was time to paint and the design process started flowing.  With the 67' mustang as a dream car, I wanted the paint scheme to involve an vent-like illusion on the bedside to mimic the mustang.  With my grandfather being a very experienced muscle car auto body man, I utilized his knowledge and we got the truck painted to perfection.  
      This is where the turn of events started for the ol' Ranger.  Less than two weeks from having it painted, a kid in a BMW made a left hand turn into me heading back home from school and sent me into a spin, eventually hitting the curb and rolling two and a half turns down the sidewalk, leaving the truck upside down.  Luckily the only injuries I suffered were a few scratches to the face when I released my Crow harness and hit the glass on the headliner that had been shattered.  I got out and all of the reality began to hit me as to what had happened.  Not knowing quite what to think, I just began picking up truck parts scattered across the entire road and intersection including both rear wheels that had sheared off at the axle shafts.  A couple police reports and debates with the insurance companies, I got a substantial amount back for the truck and the rebuild process began.  While many people thought I was crazy to even attempt to fix it my grandfather and I pushed out dents did some bending and welding and got it even better than it was before.  SInce I was a college student at the time, I had very limited free time for the truck and it took over a year for the rebuild process.  All in all, the truck came out a hundred times better than before even though there were a lot of struggles along the way.  Now I get people asking to take pictures and rides all the time.  The truck has become a part of my life and even though it is a never ending project, it is definitely a keeper for life.

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