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Ride Profile: TonyG408 1989 Ford F-350 Pickup

1989 Ford F-350 Pickup - TonyG408


About my F-350 Pickup

I am the original owner of this 1989 Ford F-350. It has been through 3 motors, 10 transmissions and one full frame-off rebuild. It has custom touches throughout and is based on an old school "muscle truck" concept with the Kandy Apple Red paint from HOK, the old school 408 stroker with the 4 barrel, full tube headers and Flowmasters it sounds like an late 60's Ford (and the slightly jacked up rear helps too). It's driven to every show and is not trailered. Learning from the show scene that you will never be the biggest, nicest or fastest I've achieved the next best thing. If something is bigger...I'm faster, if something is faster, I'm many trucks are bigger, faster AND nicer than mine so I'm always on top in some category. It does 0-60 in first gear (C-6 w/4:56's) and does the 1/4 mile in 14.2 at 97.6 mph....with the 39.5's!

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