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Ride Profile: msclark 1989 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

1989 Chevrolet C10 Pickup - msclark


About my C10 Pickup

It started as an 89 gmc. It has a '94 gmc grill, suicide doors,air ride suspension with a mini-notch on rear, a Sir Michael's flame and skull roll pan with custom side markers.It was chopped 9.5 off the top, and widow seal was moved up 1 inch to even up the side profile from hood to bed. The steering colum was dropped 6.5 inches and shoved into the firewall about a foot. floors were replaced to get rid of hump with hand made tunnel. The dash is a 1955 chevy with stock 89 gauges on a custom built circuit board, with lower half shaved. All seams are lead. I stuck a sunroof out of a late 90's pontiac so I could see the street lights better.Maybe one day I can paint it!!!!

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