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Ride Profile: Jrod1500 2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Jrod1500


About my Silverado 1500

This is a true garage built on a budget lowered truck. I originally bought this for 500 bucks. The guy chewed and spit in it, threw trash in it, left the doors open for mice to get in it, and beat it up and down dirt roads. The interior was trashed and the body was beat in every panel. Im an auto tech so mechanical and suspension was easy for me but I have never done body work so I bought some tools and started taking it apart. It took me three and half years on the budget but I got it done finally. I shaved the tailgate handle, roll pan, stake pockets and third stop light. It needed a left rear bed side replaced as well. I had to learn how to paint as well. Matte black.  The audio sounds amazing for being cheaper equipment. Behind the back seat is a small wall full of amps capacitors crossovers power blocks and fans. All the speakers are ran off the amps. I put in dual batteries as well. I hand made all the rear suspension with a custom notch. After the frame broke I decided to just build a bridge. Learned a lot there too. I couldn't have done this with out my wife amber, friends who helped, and my boss who taught me the body work.

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