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Ride Profile: iwkyath 1994 Chevrolet Silverado

1994 Chevrolet Silverado - iwkyath


About my Silverado

Started out as a clean local truck completely stock in two-tone brown and tan. I dropped it 5" on the Front and 7" on the rear with a Bell Tech kit and new shocks with a "C" cut in the rear. I then added 20 Boss 338 Custom Wheels with Dunlop tires. The paint was done by local artist Jason Ross who removed all the factory trim and sprayed the Truck in a GM gold paint. The lowering and mechanics was handled by a local Tech and Low Rider expert named Mike. I was lucky to have such good friends to help me out and they busted their butts for a couple weeks to get this nice 94 Chevy ready for me to drive! I plan and adding a new interior and Leather through Coach Automotive (A nearby interior specialty shop and the best in town) as well as some serious stereo upgrades! After I get to enjoy the Truck for a few months I plan on tearing into it again to add a Supercharger and Posi!

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