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Ride Profile: BigBobFromLA 1997 GMC Safari

1997 GMC Safari - BigBobFromLA


About my Safari

What's Up Truckin' Crew..?  Yep, it's me Robert "Big Bob" Pinkard out here in Los Angeles (Owner of Bad Boyz Customs) just finished putting in my '97 GMC Safari Van up here on READERS RIDES, for ALL the WORLD 2 see..!  Cool

Well in a "nutshell" I gobbled this van up about 2 years ago when I CRASHED & FLIPPED my 1982 Bronco on the 405 Frwy - and needed something to drive around.  Who knew that in the time-frame while my big truck was getting RESURRECTED that I would start turning this once STOCK, GROCERY GETTER into something that makes the STREETS talk..!   Wink

But you ALL out there know that "your NEVER finished with a project" - and so it is with my baby, "Ante Upp"..!   The name comes from my being a semi-pro NO LIMIT HOLD-EM poker player - with dreams of making that FINAL TABLE.... Someday!

But in the mean time and in between time----->I'm hitting it LOW & SLOW!!! Wink

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BigBobFromLA | New User
Posts: 2 | Joined 05/22/13
Posted: 05/26/13 10:49 AM

Even though I own this BEAUTY---->  It's STILL the "ONE TO BEAT"   Cool

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