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Ride Profile: Dragonartlord 2000 Dodge Ram Van 1500

2000 Dodge Ram Van 1500 - Dragonartlord


About my Ram Van 1500

This Van build was done from my every day driver I bought NEW back in 2000. We completely stripped it down to the bare metal and replaced essentially every mechanical part on the vehicle with new and over spec parts. The engine was rebuilt and modifies starting with the Cam, heads and crank. An H pipe with exiting tips out the sides in front of the rear tires- design custom exhaust and muffler was made using Magnaflow High flow cats and mufflers. We custom tweaked the computer to run on fuel injection with the mods we did to the engine. We custom fabricated functional ram air via the hood scoop giving an additional HP bump. The transmission has a B&M shift kit and step up torque converter.. We soundproofed and insulated the entire interior with Rattletrap and Reflectix.  We installed a sunpro tach on the column to add that finishing touch. The stereo is a Kenwood Exceleron to power the 7 speakers. Laugh

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