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Ride Profile: mattk86 1999 Chevrolet C3500

1999 Chevrolet C3500 - mattk86



1999 Chevrolet C3500 1
Owner:   mattk86
Year: 1999
Make: Chevrolet
Model: C3500
Est.Horsepower: 300
Suspension: RideTech
Paint/Body: Black w/Red Pinstripe
Interior/Electronics: Factory leather for now, kenwood deck, kenwood components, memphis 4 channel amp
Wheels/Tires: custom cut 19" alcoa's from Tennessee Wheel and Tire
Engine: 7.4L 454
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About my C3500

This truck started already lowered by the previous owner. My wife and I picked it up in Georgia and drove her back to texas. I rocked it like that for about a year, funds. I was deployed in December of 2010, while I was gone I went on an ordering spree of parts. Starting with the RideTech airbar for the rear, strongarms control arms for the front, then the E3 digital air management system, all run by two viair 380 compressors to a single 5 gallon tank, 1/4" lines and valves. Nothing special, I didn't want a hopper, I wanted it to just ride good, she suits me just fine. Not long after doing the bags, a wonderful texas driver graciously allowed me to rear end them and buy them a new bumper, but it allowed me to get the new paint  Grin  Future mods include a bigger notch for the rear, rebuild the inner fenders up front and Katzkin black leather interior. By the way, this truck was built for the sole purpose of spending time with my father, he has congestive heart failure and with me being in the military I never know when my chance will be to spend time with him. So, we always have a project for the times I get to come home, this is the most recent, and i've enjoyed every minute of it.    Built by My father and I.

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