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Ride Profile: 95.S10 1995 Chevrolet S10

1995 Chevrolet S10 - 95.S10


1995 Chevrolet S10 1
Owner:   95.S10
Year: 1995
Make: Chevrolet
Model: S10
Est.Horsepower: 220
Suspension: Air - Front/Rear Independent
Paint/Body: Blue w/ silver ghost flames
Interior/Electronics: Cloth/Panasonic deck,tv/Audiobahn speakers
Wheels/Tires: 20" Chrome Dakar/Nitto
Engine: Stock 4.3L
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About my S10

My truck has gone through two seperate modifications.  It has taken two seperate trips down to Alabama to have all the work comepleted on it. For the interior work the following have been added: carbon fiber cloth to match existing which includes a 3 dimensional tribal pattern above head, Panasonic deck with LCD monitor flush mounted within the glove box door running off of Audiobahn speakers, white dash background with interchangable blue/green indiglo.  As for the exterior: It has been through two different shades of blue, two different flames which the original were tribal flames and are now silver ghost flames, two seperate door styles which the original were suicide doors and are now lambo doors, handles have been flush mounted and replaced with poppers, handle in tailgate and antenna have also been flush mounted, added a carpet bed, removed the fuel tank and installed a fuel cell with the bed of the truck, added a flush tonneau cover, blue neons which are hidden under rails, entire ground effect kit with flush rear bumper, entire new front end to match the GMC front end but with modifications such as a new hood with operational scoop, customized billet grills in both upper and lower air dam, flush mounted light to replace recessed lights, swapped out mirrors and tail lights for carbon fiber, and installed tints on all windows.  My truck also has undergone two seperate suspensions.  The original was your everyday lowering springs which were then removed and replaced with individual front/rear air bag system with a complete applied undercoating.  Its ridding on 20" chrome Dakar rims with low pro Nitto tires.  The only original parts on the truck are the engine and tranny.  As you may know many hours, money and hard labor went into this truck and i'm damn proud of it.

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95.S10 | New User
Posts: 2 | Joined 02/11/12
Posted: 09/18/12 09:49 AM

I am currently putting the truck up for sale.  Frown  I'm asking $15,000.00 O.B.O.  Send a comment if your interested and i'll get back to you as quick as possible! Thanks.

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