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Ride Profile: KyleDubois 2005 Dodge Ram 1500

2005 Dodge Ram 1500 - KyleDubois


2005 Dodge Ram 1500 1
Owner:   KyleDubois
Year: 2005
Make: Dodge
Model: Ram 1500
Est.Horsepower: 429
Suspension: TRUXXX
Paint/Body: Blue & Black, Reflexxions, Anzo
Interior/Electronics: katzkin, eclipse, focal
Wheels/Tires: american racing, nitto
Engine: 5.7 Hemi, GS Motorsports, Diablosport, Edelbrock, Magnoflow
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About my Ram 1500

A little about the truck...

I've owned the truck for about 5 years now and it was the first vehicle I ever bought from a dealer,  I bought it in complete stock form with pacific blue paint, cloth interior, stock 17 inch wheels, chrome front and rear bumpers, etc.

About 2 years after owning it and putting on the typical chrome accents I had it looking pretty good before it was hit by a hail storm which caused $12,800 worth of damage to it.  We basically replaced every body panel on the truck minus the cab and passenger doors.  At that point I decided to do the piant scheme that you see on it now and ditch the chrome for black, I replaced the stock 17 inch wheels with Amercan Racing Assault 20 inch wheels an wrapped them in 305/55R20 Nitto Terra Grapplers, as well as tinted the rear lights (which are Anzo clear Leds), and pulled apart the headlights and paint the interior housing (as well as remove the reflectors).  I was happy with how the paint turned out however I still have chrome front and read bumpers...  Thanks to my close friends who helped remedy that by swapping body parts with me, a fresh coat of paint later and the truck was looking like I wanted.

Then I moved into the interior which was the boring dark graphite cloth with the typical tan from the windows up.  I started by sendig the truck to my friends at Cutting Edge Upholstery (aka CE Designs of Calgary, Alberta, Canada) to re-wrap the seats in Katzkins and put some heat into them for those chilly evening cruises.  After much thought and bouncing ideas around we decided to go with a dark graphite leather body and blue interior inserts, we also pulled the trigger on a black suede headliner and re-dyed all of the pillers and miscellanious tan pieces to match the rest of the truck.  Once we slapped it all back together we were all impressed with the turnout.

Now that I had the interior and exterior of the truck looking how I wanted it was time to make it act like the bully it appears to be.  I have been reading Truckin' for years so I knew to start with the basics.  I bolted on a Volant air intake, ported the throttle body, installed some Edelbrock ceramic coated headers which flow into a Magnaflow stainless exhaust system and installed a Superchips tune to get all the power to the ground a little better.  Now I had the truck performing a little better but was left aching for more so I decided to rip into the motor a little bit.  I enlisted the help of several people on the forums all over the web to brainstorm and decided I would go with a top end build, I replaced the camshaft with a comp cams 268 for a more aggresive idle and it's boost friendly characteristics.  I then pulled the trigger on what I've wanted to do since I bought the truck, I installed a GS Motorsport supercharger kit.  After some trial and error (and thankfully before it was too late) we decided to change up the kit a bit with 8 larger injectors instead of using the 2 extras that came with the kit as I saw the cylinders were leaning out too much at 8 lbs boost.  We then enlisted the help of local tuner Toma (Dynomotive Auto) to dial in the proper tune on it and keep it from popping the motor. The truck then dynoed in at 429.2 rwhp which is an impressive gain from the 238 I put down stock.  Although I was hoping to see 500+ I am VERY happy with the performance of the truck now.

There may be more to come in the future for this truck but for now it is complete and I enjoy taking it to shows and the track on weekends.  

Thanks for reading!

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