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Ride Profile: ckdudlmq 2003 GMC Sierra

2003 GMC Sierra - ckdudlmq


About my Sierra

I have owned this truck for 3 years now. I got it as a senior in High school. When I Got it the truck was as plain jane as every other truck. I wanted to make it my own so I started with some cosmetic items when I could afford them such as chrome door handles, LED lighting bar, Chrome valve stems, Windshield banner. I had the truck for only about 4 months when I decided to get the vinyl racing stripes installed. They have now grown on me and I really like their look. After about a year I started to add minor performance accessories starting with a rigged up cold air intake. I then had custom dual exhaust installed with silverline tips. Sounded pretty darn good. When I went to college thats when I started to get serious about making the truck my own. I tinted the windows, Installed a billet grill insert, and added a pinstripe down the side. Performance wise I added a complete Spectre cold air intake kit, Installed Pacesetter long tube headers and then had a true dual exhaust fabricated in. I then had the beast put up on a DYNO and tuned in using 93 octane. I had the idle raised slightly and torque managment removed. I changed the transmission shifting servos to the 4l60e corvette servos. Most recently I went big and installed a Comp Cam with new push rods, valve springs, retainers, Lifters, and oil pump. Its Really a respectably quick truck for how heavy it is. My future plans include cnc ported heads, intake manifold swap, and some suspension work including a rear sway bar.

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