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Ride Profile: leamangriffin 1998 Chevrolet Tahoe

1998 Chevrolet Tahoe - leamangriffin


About my Tahoe

This is my 1998 Chevy tahoe. It was built by my late father in law. When he passed away august 2011, my wife and I decided to show off his truck to the world. He bought it stock and immediately debadged and de moulded the truck. Then he ordered a street scene billet grille, SS front bumper cover, billet bowtie, new clear headlights, HIDs, Rollpan, and fender flares. Once he had the new body panels on, he shaved the roof rack. Then he took the truck to new finish in Tampa, FL and they painted it 2tone red and gunmetal with a silver pinstripe. When he got the truck back he installed a cadillac escalade interior consisting of leather power lumbar seats and center console. He sent the headrests to the upholstery shop where they recovered them and stitched an SS logo in them. Then he installed a set of OEM cadillac escalade 22" wheels. He sent the centercaps off and had them custom made into SS caps. He lowered the truck with shackles out back and drop torsion keys up front. Then he installed Bilstein lowering shocks to smooth out the ride. Finally he took the truck to the exhaust shop where they installed high flow cats and a flowmaster muffler, then they reroutd the exhaust to the passenger side with a single tip. Also installed was a K&N intake kit and flexalite twin electric fans.

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