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Ride Profile: scochatm 2006 Chevrolet Colorado

2006 Chevrolet Colorado - scochatm


About my Colorado

In May of 2009 I bought my truck. A month later while looking for parts I came across a online community for Colorado's and Canyons and you can say its been nothing but great things I found alot of great stuff to do to Betty Jean since I've been on the site like putting in H3 Hummer seats to suede headliner to also getting my Suspension Maxx lifts. But I gotta give to credit to a good friend of mine for helping me through this process and that is Scott Jurista. I entered 11 Car Shows last year and had some good luck I won 9 times out of 11 and my truck is a daily driver. How my truck got it's name is kind of bittersweet I named it after my Grandma Betty Jean Chatman that passed away a couple years ago. I have alot of mods done to this truck some I have mentioned here is a few more.MBRP Cat back Exhaust System,35w 4500k DDM Tuning HID's,BAK Flip G2 Tonneau Cover,Cervini's Ram Air Hood. I gotta give alot of credit to guys on 355NATION.NET and to my Car Club Southern Indiana Cruisers along with my good friend Scott Jurista.

Comments On scochatm's Colorado

rockstar133 | New User
Posts: 2 | Joined 01/11/12
Posted: 01/11/12 02:00 PM

Awsome truck! Ive been considering getting a used one and throwing a solid axle up front, Check out my whip! Cool

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