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Ride Profile: starvinartist09 2007 Ford Ranger

2007 Ford Ranger - starvinartist09


"The Red Devil"

2007 Ford Ranger 2007 Ford Ranger Stx
Owner:   starvinartist09
Year: 2007
Make: Ford
Model: Ranger
Est.Horsepower: 160
Suspension: stock
Paint/Body: Colorado Red
Interior/Electronics: Pioneer stereo and xm radio
Wheels/Tires: 18 inch TSW Jarama with Continental Extreme Contact DWS
Engine: 2.3lt 4 cyl. with a cold air intake
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About my Ranger

This is the first truck i have even owned and i'm hooked now.  I have many plans for my STX but so far i have done a few things to it.  I have put some 18 inch TSW Jarama wheels on it, a Bak Industries BakFlip tonnue cover, pioneer DEH-8300UB stereo with an XM radio receiver and last but not least a cold air intake for more power and growl.  
I plan on dropping it a few inches to take up some of the wheel well space and give it a better stance; putting some side skirts on it to complete the ground effect look the STX front bumper has started; put a hood scoop i found on it; replacing all the tail lights with LED lights and the headlights with halo and LED lights; a cat back exhaust with flowmaster 44 muffler, header and turbo for much more power and better sound; and last but not least a buy a power programmer to tweak the computer a bit for more power and to remove the top speed limiter.  I'd also like to put a stripe design i came up with on it for a better look.

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