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Ride Profile: britmex 1976 Chevrolet G20 Van

1976 Chevrolet G20 Van - britmex


"Blue Steel"

1976 Chevrolet G20 Van 34 Years In The Making And Im S
Owner:   britmex
Year: 1976
Make: Chevrolet
Model: G20 Van
Est.Horsepower: 0
Suspension: All Heavy duty front and rear, this truck weighs 6,000 lbs
Paint/Body: Custom by Owner, all metal construction and custom mixed paint with micro flake and slight pearl tint in the 6 clear coats
Interior/Electronics: Custom by Owner, all hand tufted done in suede, sound system got us pulled over in Vegas.
Wheels/Tires: Vintage 70's Appliance wire mags with 50 series tires
Engine: 350 4 bolt built and balanced with Edelbrock intake and carb, Doug Thorley headers, Chevy 400 trans and custom shaft
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About my G20 Van

I have owned it since it was new in Oct, 75, it was on the cover of truckin in Aug. 1984 and has gone through 4 different looks since the 1970’s, it seems like every 10 years I get tired of the way the outside and interior look so I grind it down to metal strip out the interior and start all over again changing doors, roof, rear, front, sides everything but I do it all in metal, the only fiberglass is the rear Odyssey wing.

And this time no Gulwing side door and no T-Split rear door (which I did in 1979 long before Astro vans were even out) This time one big suicide style door on the passenger side and a completely molded in rear with a 1999 Dodge van single door dark glass to give it  a limo look.

The walls were covered in a light charcoal suede over 4" foam with a 4" hand tufted pattern, the ceiling was done the same but in a dark blue to match the flames and strips outside and two mirror sections 3’ x 3’ with indirect lighting circling them, A 20" drop down video screen in the center of the van between the two mirrors with wireless headphones in the rear, a 10" video screen and DVD built into the dash on the passenger side in front and a 7" above the driver in the overhead console for a back up camera.

It took on a nautical theme this time with oak cabinets to house the stereo amps and the 6 JBL 6 x 9  three way 2 ohm 100 watts RMS speakers in side and four of the same built into special box's underneath powered by a Sony 6 channel and a Sony 4 channel amp. Also there are 2 JL 12" sub woofers powered by a JL amp with a very large digital capacitor.

The wheels are Appliance Wire Mags with 295/50/15 tires exactly what I had on the van in 1979. You can find a complete story on this van at my web site

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