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Ride Profile: Taylor_Durdan 1967 Chevrolet G10 Van

1967 Chevrolet G10 Van - Taylor_Durdan


"Red Rat"

1967 Chevrolet G10 Van 1
Owner:   Taylor_Durdan
Year: 1967
Make: Chevrolet
Model: G10 Van
Est.Horsepower: 185
Suspension: All Stock Leaf setup
Paint/Body: Fire engine red (for now).. some rust. In the process of fixing
Interior/Electronics: All stock with the soon-be-addition of some autometer gauges
Wheels/Tires: Firebird/Transam wheels for now
Engine: Rendom Chevy 305
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About my G10 Van

I got this van from a buddy of mine in exchange for me purchasing and installing a rear axle into his 62 Buick Special. The van apparently was an ambulance in Pinellas County here in FL at one poit early in its life. Ive got a few holes in the roof i need to mend up from where the original light bar apparently was. The TH350 tranny that was in it took a dump on me and while i was in process of installing a 700R4 in its place, i noticed some substantial oil leaks and a couple weeping freeze plugs. I went ahead and pulled the 305 out, and am in the process of 'freshening' it up. I know it wont make much in the way of power, but this thing already lights up the tires at the drop of a hat!

For the motor i have purchased:

Summit dual plane intake manifold
Summit Cam/lifter package
Summit longtube headers

I plan on throwing a set of shaved heads on it. the bottom end is in great shape, so i'd just like to get a little out of it.. plus it will sound great now!

Future plans for the body include:

Satin black paint job
Extreme lowering
Some tailight work
Steel wheels with spun aluminum wheel covers

The whole plan for this van is to have a nice, reliable and bitchin rat rod that the wife and i can take out to local shows and just cruize whenever the need bites us.

Thanks for looking!

Comments On Taylor_Durdan's G10 Van

Posts: 365 | Joined 08/12/07
Posted: 11/09/08 02:59 PM

Welcome, nice to see another early van here. Good luck with the build

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