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Ride Profile: ddodds3085 1972 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

1972 Chevrolet C10 Pickup - ddodds3085


About my C10 Pickup

This has been my project for the past 11 years and started with a $100.00 3/4 ton rusted out cab and a frame.This has definatly been a labor or love. The truck started life as a 6cly 3speed on the colum but is now a V8 auto. it has new floors, cab corrners,rocker panels.front fenders a 5inch cowl hood,front and rear rollpans,it has a late model stepside bed,the gas tank has been removed from the cab and replaced with a 20gal fuel cell,the Batt has been relocated to the bed. The vent windows have been removed and now has one piece glass. The dash now houses automeater procomp white face guages. The truck sits on 3inch drop coils up front and relocated coils in the rear. The two piece driveshat was replaced with a late modle one piece driveshaft that has been balanced. It has power disk brakes and power steering.
It also has a fully custom interior consisting of blue and gray tweed.

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