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Ride Profile: woodydog 1925 Ford C-Cab

1925 Ford C-Cab - woodydog


About my C-Cab

The C Cab has a working Toy Crane machine in back and a working HO slot car track that runs around the crane machine!! It is all powered by a 1000 watt AC power inverter by 2 deep cycle marine batteries. The side boxes have tiffanys stained glass in them. Behind the glass in each side boxes are 2 diaramma scenes from the movie cars! The first one is sally taking lighting for a drive by the waterfall the other is mator towing lightng back to town after trying to run off! The cab is all done in baseball theme. The drive shaft is candy striped and i painted the road runner on the rearend housing. The hole truck was hand built on a custom 1927 chassis by my girlfriend and I. Thanks to truckin for letting me post it and Thank you for looking

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