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Ride Profile: 4x4luv 1979 Chevrolet LUV

1979 Chevrolet LUV - 4x4luv


1979 Chevrolet Luv 1
Owner:   4x4luv
Year: 1979
Make: Chevrolet
Model: LUV
Est.Horsepower: 100
Suspension: Stock front tbars raised 2", Rough Country rear
Paint/Body: Red/black painted myself
Interior/Electronics: stock interior, AM/FM CD,MP3
Wheels/Tires: stock 14x7.5 white spoke, mastercraft all terrain
Engine: stock Isuzu 4 cyl 1.8
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About my LUV

1979 Chevy LUV Mikado 4x4 , stock Isuzu 1.8 ltr engine 4 cyl, stock 4 speed manual tranny, manual lock 4wd hubs Weber 34/34 carburetor, K&N air filter, MSD 5200 ignition, Pertronix Igniter setup in stock distributor, Flowmaster exhaust on stock header & pipes. Stock 14x7.5" wheels, Mastercraft tires, stock front suspension, torsion bars lifted 2", rear stock with 1" Rough Country add/leaf.

Runs and drives excellent even for a 28 year old daily driver, and functional 4X4, idles great, decent gas mileage. Ride is a little rough with the torsion bars reindexed, but I'd rather have the added ground clearance.

Future addons: 2-3" body lift, 5 speed tranny, bucket seats, front and rear steel tube bumper with winch, Delta cam for more power in the 3500+ rpm range, Pacesetter or similar header, and Offenhauser intake manifold. Think my next mod will be to add a set of 15 or 16" wheels with BF Goodrich All Terrain TA's

The paint job, I did myself in my home shop with Rustoleum professional enamel and 4" foam rollers. yes I said rollers . I read about the process online back in January 07 on a popular MOPARTS forum title "Paint job on a budget", did a few tests with thinning etc, and was rolling on paint over Spring Break back in early March. Entire process took roughly 5 days to complete. The result was an awesome looking paint job completed for about $100 in materials, very scratch resistant, and shines as good or better than any BC/CC job I've ever seen.

Told my wife, she will probably have to bury me in this truck.

Comments On 4x4luv's LUV

tommy79 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 11/24/11
Posted: 11/24/11 01:02 PM

Where is the best place to find parts for 79 LUV? Interior,body, Everything? any recomendations would help Thank you....
angel46 | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 05/14/08
Posted: 05/14/08 06:18 AM

I have a 1979 checvy luv 4x4. MY Question is do you know some one who my be interest in buying the the whole truck or parts, I need to remove it out of my property today or tomorrow. I thougth of asking you since has alots of parts, and I'm going to sell it to the metal place. my e.mail is thanks
dr.monkey | New User
Posts: 0 | Joined 03/17/08
Posted: 03/17/08 04:29 PM

Im rebuilding one of the same model right now.
Whats the degrees off for the timing?
longtravelyota | New User
Posts: 43 | Joined 05/24/07
Posted: 07/19/07 05:38 PM

dude old school trucks in good condition are PIMP!

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